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Turning on a Virgo – If you’re going to try and impress a Virgo, it will be through their intellect, not your physical beauty or materialistic wealth. Virgos find the touch of their stomach to be erotic. Try gently caressing their stomach with your lips, tongue and/or fingertips. Stay close to their belly button to get them hot.

A Virgo gets extreme pleasure and satisfaction from being needed in a practical or meaningful way.
Virgo – Maybe the most intellectual of the zodiac signs, but definitely not the most sexually active - this is the sign of the Virgin, after all. If you’re looking for a “one night stand” or “just to get laid”, keep on looking because you won’t get it from a Virgo. They are very reserved and much too “prim and proper”. Cuddling, not a sexual romp in the bedroom, is more their speed. Their sexual conquests are romantic and planned in advanced, so don’t go looking for a wild or kinky side to a Virgo. There are a few Virgo’s that are known to experiment, but only if the conditions are conducive to their meticulous nature – don’t plan anything that will dirty the sheets. Virgo’s tend to look for committed long term partners.

If you’re hoping for a night of intimacy, take things slow and forget about performing any wild tricks. Virgo’s don’t want to do anything they might regret later. Being stress free (not thinking about relationships, money, jobs, etc.) is also vitally important in having a memorable night.

Having a Virgo as a partner means he or she is not as concerned with expressing their true feelings as so much as they are concerned about how someone interprets their actions or words. You can also trust that they will take care of all details when pursuing a relationship with you – parties, trips, etc. - leave it in their capable hands.

Male Virgo – Must connect with you emotionally before he will commit to you physically. He is also very judgemental and will not hesitate to judge a book by its cover. It is not in his nature to approach you, so don’t count on him making the first move. He admires an aggressive woman who knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to tell him.

He is a creature of habit; resulting in him not being too imaginative in the bedroom. However, he is very eager to please and always open to suggestions. Don’t be shy about telling him your needs or desires because it turns him on just knowing it will turn you on.

To have any chance of having a sexual encounter with a male Virgo, he will have to trust you. He has a tendency to be picky and controlling in the bedroom.

Female Virgo – She tends to be judgemental and has high expectations of her partner. For this reason she finds it difficult to maintain long term relationships. Take the romance slow and you will be sure to have fireworks in the end.

In the bedroom, she’ll make old tricks and techniques new again. The few techniques she has acquired in the bedroom are well rehearsed and refined; therefore she is very good at what she does. Even though her skills in the bedroom may be limited, she is still able to satisfy whatever sexual needs her partner desires – it’s like she has a sixth sense. If you have gotten this far with a Virgo you have definitely earned it. She has an innate ability of making those close to them feel special and needed.

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