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Turning on a Taurus – The neck is the most sensuous part of the Taurus anatomy. Light kissing or licking on their earlobe or nape of neck and maybe gently kissing their throat will have them melting in your hands and ready for a night of romance and passion – just be prepared for an all-nighter!
Taurus – Of the twelve zodiac signs, Taureans are the most sensual. They believe that romancing you is the best way to your bedroom. So if it involves cooking dinner, buying flowers, or lighting candles to set the mood, they are more than willing.

Taureans may lack creativity in the bedroom, but they more than make up for it in passion and stamina. They are a creature of habit, which includes making love. In other words, they will not deviate from any sexual positions that appeal to both themselves and their partner and will be performed at a leisurely pace – Taureans are not known to rush anything.

A Taureans sexual fantasy usually involves their sense of taste and touch. So when seducing a Taurus partner, a nice bottle of their favourite wine, exotic foods and lavish furnishings will get them ready and willing.

Taureans probably require the least amount of maintenance in the bedroom. In return, all they ask for is to be comfortable (be committed and generous) and they will remain a sensual and faithful lover.

Male Taurus - Considered to be one of the most stubborn and persistent signs of the zodiac, you should consider yourself lucky to be pursued by him. You shouldn’t judge this book by its cover. The male Taurus may seem to be thrifty with his money, but he is very wise when it comes to spending and saving money. For this reason, he is able to lavish his partner with surprises from the heart. A romantic encounter involves fine food, fine drinks and fine music all in an opulent setting.

In the bedroom, he is far from adventurous, but what little he does know he has perfected. Because he is very sensitive and understanding to his partner’s needs, he will take his time while making love and it can last for hours. However, don’t try and tell him what to do in the bedroom, you’ll be much better off making suggestions.

There will be no aggressiveness or animalistic sounds in the bedroom. He is a sensual lover that enjoys long sexual encounters – unlike the Aries man, he will take his time.

Oral sex is where it’s at for the male Taurus and you can be assured that he will satisfy you before he departs. And yes, they can really last all night long.

Female Taurus – Can become quite jealous and possessive. She has the ability to seduce you by methodically appealing to your five senses, which you will not soon forget because she makes an art of love making. Foreplay is a must for a Taurean female, especially a lot of sensual kissing. Oral pleasures are always considered to be gratifying – both giving and receiving. She is not the adventurous type in the bedroom, but is always ready to go for another round and will definitely leave you breathless. If you are able to gain her trust, you might be able to experiment with her. If not, she will stick to her agenda and keep any sexual activity simple and straightforward.

If you want to keep your female Taurus happy, fresh simple fragrances, silk sheets, wine and dinner at a fine restaurant will go a long way. However, as lavish as these things may sound, she is practical by nature and would not hesitate to decline the advances of a celebrity over that of a “good catch”.

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"I brought fresh strawberries"

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