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Turning on a Scorpio – We are all sensitive in our genitalia when touched, but Scorpio’s are extremely sensitive. The slightest touch in the genitalia, inner thighs or groin area will have them turned on in seconds. A slight flick or lick of your tongue, or gentle caress with your fingers could bring them to orgasmic heights.

Talking dirty is also guaranteed to sexually stimulate them. Tell them your raunchiest fantasy and they will explode – just make sure they’re involved in it. Another turn on is a partner who is confident and willing to try anything that comes his/her way – sexually that is.

One sure-fire way of seducing a Scorpio is appealing to their sense of taste, such as anything rich and vibrant in taste and colour (special spices, lobster, asparagus and pomegranates).
Scorpio – Are definitely one of the, if not the horniest sign of the Zodiac. What makes a Scorpio a Scorpio is that they are more than willing to explore all that is taboo and forbidden (and the bedroom is no exception). In fact, they’ll do what most other signs only fantasize about. They are very passionate and take their love life seriously.

Scorpio’s have a reputation for being guarded about their feelings and emotions, often because they don’t want to be controlled. They need to have the upper-hand in the relationship. As a result, it is quite difficult to know more about them than their horny passionate lover side. They can be intimidating to their partners because they expect the same intensity and passion in their lovers as they do in themselves. Seducing a Scorpio can be rather difficult because “sexually speaking” there isn’t much they haven’t done or thought about doing. To be compatible with a Scorpio you will need a wild imagination.

From a Scorpio’s point of view, love and lust are one of the same. After a night of romance, you may be hearing wedding bells, but they’ll wake up and show you the door and say “I’ll call you”. It would be in your best interest to stay loyal to a Scorpio because they are very jealous and vengeful creatures. Even having a good time without them is considered a form of cheating and they will hold it against you. Scorpio’s are aggressive by nature and believe a little pain never hurt anyone.

Male Scorpio – Just as his female counterpart, he is relentless in pursuing his partner. He is a sex machine with no boundaries. He has an incredible amount of stamina and a wild imagination that never quits. The male Scorpio has an innate ability to focus on the task at hand, wherever or whatever it would be – sexually speaking that is.

He will wine and dine you; he will lavish you with gifts and he will definitely bring excitement into your sex life, but is it all worth it if you can’t trust him? If you consider yourself to be the jealous type, you might want to think twice about pursuing a male Scorpio – he loves sex and he loves women. – Unless he’s gay of course.

Female Scorpio – Is very attentive to your every need; adventurous and willing to try anything once and is a very enthusiastic sensual lover. These are just some of the reasons she is considered the sexiest sign of the zodiac. If you cannot satisfy her demanding needs, she will simply move on to someone who can. Love is not to be taken lightly with her. If she wants you, she will have you – she is that driven and that determined. Don’t fight it, just enjoy the ride. She considers foreplay to be quite satisfying, but would just as well get right to the sex. Teasing is part of her repertoire of skills – she will bring you to the brink, bring you back and so on until you can’t help yourself. Your inevitable ejaculation is just fine with her.

The female Scorpio will be loyal and willing to sacrifice for the one she loves and will put them on a pedestal. On the other hand, she can be extremely jealous and possessive. In return for her loyalty and faith in you, she expects all eyes to be on her and only her, so don’t even think about staring at another woman. She will be very vengeful and will not hesitate to make a scene.

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Favourite Catchphrase:

"What’s your safe word?"

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