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Turning on a Pisces – They believe in true romance and all the niceties that come with it – scented candles, satin sheets, poetry, oysters and music are some examples that will excite a Pisces. Pisceans are fascinated by anything spiritual or mystical.

Foreplay begins with you concentrating on their feet. Caressing and massaging their feet or seductively sucking on their toes will get them moaning in ecstasy. Appealing to their imagination is another absolute turn on for a Pisces. Sexual role playing with a touch of naughtiness – nurse or French maid or erotic games such as Naked Twister or Strip Poker will vastly increase their sexual appetite.
Pisces - Pisceans are always willing to explore the art of love making – bring a copy of the Kama Sutra! They are one of the most romantic partners - they are exciting and sexually satisfying. You can be assured your experience will be an emotional and physical one.

They are very empathetic lovers who are very attentive to all your needs and desires. Their need for exploration and fantasy tends to lead to risqué encounters in a variety of unusual scenarios.

Male Pisces – is considered to be very romantic, a superb lover and quite the ladies’ man. He is very unpredictable by nature and easily persuaded. For this reason, he finds it quite difficult to remain faithful. He tends to enjoy the finer things in life for himself and also for his partner.

He is more than willing to have fun and experience all of what sex has to offer – including the multitude of sexual positions he has in his bag of tricks. Many of these positions do involve him being submissive or dominated. He is also quite passionate about toe sucking – could even be a fetish.

Female Pisces – Is incredibly perceptive and intuitive, so don’t even try and pull the wool over her eyes. She’ll see right through you.

She will not hesitate to tease or seduce you in the hopes of getting what she wants. This is an acquired skill which she has perfected. She will use her seductive abilities to entice you into having a relationship with her. She is looking for the security and safe haven you can provide. If you are not an aggressive type, she will fantasize about having sexual relations with a more aggressive man – although it’s unlikely she would act on those fantasies.

She is a sexually liberated woman who is usually very accommodating to any sexually suggestive ideas you may have – including a little anal action.

Her perception and intuition allow her to take any sexual fantasies or desires you may have to another level.

Popular positions of the Pisces lover

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Favourite Catchphrase:

"It’s my turn now!"

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