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Turning on a Libra – Their erogenous zone is definitely their lower back and ass. Gently massaging and stroking up and down their lower back and butt is guaranteed to arouse them. Gentle pinches and slaps on their ass will excite them that much more – be slow and gentle though.

Libra’s have an acute sense of taste and smell and a penchant for things of beauty and harmonious in their life. Therefore no sexual encounter will involve loud music or eccentric displays. Sweet perfumes, exotic foods and champagne would be a prerequisite for a night of passion.

The art of seduction arouses them, so let them seduce you!
Libra – Are considered to be one of the sexiest signs of the zodiac and also one of the most difficult signs to seduce because everything has to be just right. If you spill when pouring the wine or your kisses are sloppy and unrefined, you may have just ruined the evening. Sex with a Libra is a sensual and creative experience with lots of foreplay consisting of gentle rubbing, stroking and caressing.

They are classy lovers, so don’t expect any bathroom sex or sex in the back seat of your car – it’s not going to happen. Libra’s find it very difficult and uncomfortable to divulge their thoughts and fantasies to their partner.

Libra’s tend to have a double standard in that you cannot cheat on them, but if you’re not satisfying them in one way or another, they will not hesitate to get a second lover to make up for your shortfalls. For this reason they also tend to masturbate more than the norm.

Male Libra – As with the female Libra, he is very superficial but still able to focus on his partner. He appreciates a woman who has a fondness for the nicer things in life. His inability to make a decision between lovers can result in numerous affairs.

He sees sex as the ultimate adventure and is willing to perform wherever the adventure takes him. Being a bad boy is part of his nature, so being kinky and having a wild imagination comes naturally to him. Always willing to satisfy any fantasy you have and bring you to orgasmic levels is his goal – even if it takes hours. If for whatever reason you do not achieve an orgasm, definitely do not fake it because his pride could not take it.

The male Libra likes to be in control and is turned off by overly aggressive women. He is not a selfish lover, and gets more excitement seducing a woman than from the actual act itself. Keep in mind, flattery goes a long way to satisfying his sensitive ego.

Female Libra – Considered to be a diva and a seductive charming one at that. She has high standards for herself and can be quite superficial with any partner in her life. The phrase “Beauty is not only skin deep” was not referring to a female Libra – beauty is everything to her.

You can count on her to have any romance planned with details already taken care of. In bed, you will be pleasantly surprised and impressed with the control of her pelvic muscles. She realizes this and can ensure you will both be entertained by the lighting and mirrors, which she arranged to be part of the show.

You should be careful with a female Libra because she will say anything to get what she wants. Faking an orgasm comes quite easily for her, if it makes you happy.

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Favourite Catchphrase:

"If it was good for you, it was good for me."

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