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Turning on a Leo – sensual back massages are very stimulating, especially when rubbing massage oils in an “S” like pattern on their lower back. A back scratch on the small of their back/lower back will also have the same effect. Comfortable surroundings are also a necessity if you want to get it on with a Leo.

Admiration and flattery is a sure fire way to excite a Leo. They have an over-abundant sex drive and a penchant to perform can put them in domineering roles, such as a dominatrix. They do enjoy taking their time while making love.
Leo – Are sexually arrogant, sensual and passionate individuals that enjoy being physical while making love. Leo’s like to be well aware of what’s going on in the bedroom, so don’t try to surprise them while being intimate – they may just bite you. Even though Leo’s are not sexually imaginative, they can be coerced by the right zodiac sign to abandon their inhibitions.

While in a relationship a Leo does not believe in equality. They are the boss and it’s all about them. Let it be known that Leo’s are not only looking for a very attractive lover, but also a friend. Leo’s have a very healthy sex life which helps ensure they are being loved and you remain loyal. This is to counteract the fact they are quite insecure and need that constant reassurance. In return, they provide you with loyalty and security.

Leo’s tend to be rather vain and enjoy being the centre of attention – that includes the bedroom; so any mirrors and cameras will be on them first and then you.

Male Leo – Oozes with charisma and is quite entertaining. Compliments and flattery will get you everywhere with the male Leo. His conceitedness and vulnerability to praise tends to get in the way of making rational decisions.

He prefers his partner to be sexually submissive and challenging, but not too challenging because he doesn’t want to work too hard. Teasing or sarcastic comments to a male Leo could be detrimental to any potential sexual relations because they will completely turn him off. Not one to shy away from oral sex, he would much rather receive than give.

Particular about his surroundings, he expects plush and exquisite settings when seducing his lover.

Female Leo – Naturally seductive and elegant, she is loved by men and envied by women. She has it all; sex appeal, style, intelligence, glamour, charm and they exude self-confidence. She will tease you by innocently flirting with you, only to let you do all the chasing. If she believes you are ungrateful or not giving her the appreciation and adulation she deserves, the female Leo may find it very difficult to remain faithful.

In the bedroom, she expects you to admire and praise her while she dictates the sexual extravaganza that’s about to begin, which is as unpredictable as her moods. Too much flattery however, will get you absolutely nowhere. She tends to intimidate most men, especially in the bedroom – some may still be licking their wounds.

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"Wasn’t I the greatest?"

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