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Turning on a Gemini – The fingers, arms and shoulders are known to be the most erogenous zones of the Gemini. Sucking on fingers, kissing or caressing their arms or massaging and nibbling on their shoulders can go a long way to arousing their sexual desires. Gemini’s are known to get a thrill out of voyeurism or making a porn movie (homemade or otherwise). Erotic foreplay, sexual role playing and dirty talking are also quite a sexual turn on for them.
Gemini - Flirting is just second nature to a Gemini. The phrase “Variety is the spice of life” was coined for a Gemini. More often than not, they are ready and willing whenever you are – quickie in an elevator, sexual gratification under a restaurant table, etc.

In pursuing a mate, Gemini’s are far from being straightforward and tend to beat around the bush. They are considered to be one of the most expressive and an eloquent sign of the zodiac, which is probably why they enjoy sexually explicit conversation in the bedroom. It is not unusual for them to fantasize about the idea of being involved in an orgy, but not actually participating.

Don’t expect any emotional commitment while being sexually involved with a Gemini. After a great night of sex, you might want to tell them your innermost feelings, but they don’t want to hear it – they’ll ignore you and see what’s on TV.

To connect on a sexual level with a Gemini, appeal to their intellect, be adventurous and creative. Keep in mind however, it is difficult for them to commit to a long-term relationship and they do require a lot of space. Also, it is important to remember Gemini’s appreciate new experiences if you want to establish a deeper sexual bond.

Male Gemini – There is a charisma about the Gemini man that women find almost irresistible. When making love, he is all about the physical aspects of it and could do without the emotional aspects of being intimate. Sexually speaking, he is quite adventurous and more than willing to try something new or just something different.

He can be considered to be a social magnet and one who always knows where a party is. The male Gemini’s zest for sex is synonymous with his zest for life – full of adventure, excitement and unpredictability. As in life, so it is in the bedroom – he gets bored with routine. Therefore, he likes to spice things up in the bedroom by experimenting and challenging himself. Don’t be surprised if he wants the lights on and has mirrors in his bedroom that are strategically placed for optimum view and performance. He doesn’t want to miss a thing. Don’t expect oral sex, but if you get it, consider yourself fortunate.

A sure fire way to turn him on is to watch a porn movie or engage in phone/computer sex.

Female Gemini – is known to have an impulsive nature that is usually dictated by her heart and emotions instead of common sense. Her impulsive nature allows her to be a “Free Spirit” that tends not to get emotionally attached or committed to her partner. For this reason she finds it difficult to maintain a loving relationship or even to be faithful.

Being a “Free spirit” – one that loves fun, frolic and variety, she is the most sexually active out of all the zodiac signs. She is sexually curious and selfish in her sexual desires and could care less about your impression of her. That being said however, she can be unbelievably charming and will definitely rock your world in the bedroom. So if you’re looking for a good time with no strings attached and don’t mind being her guinea pig (for experimental reasons) a Gemini woman is for you.

To attract a Gemini woman, you’re going to have to appeal to both sides of her dual personality, which is easier said than done. You must appeal to both her intellect and her impulsive nature. Therefore you need a combination of calm and the storm; romantic, but practical; confident, yet humble; and spiritual, but physical. If you’re fortunate enough to possess these traits, she will be all yours.

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"Let’s try something new!"

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