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Turning on a Capricorn – A sensual back massage or gentle scratching will always excite a Capricorn.
Male Capricorns find women’s breasts to be sexually stimulating when rubbed against his face, his chest or his groin. The female Capricorn loves to be kissed or licked behind the knee (odd, but true) and around their belly button.
Capricorns – Are considered to be somewhat prudish because they seem frigid or sexually inhibited. Unlike the other zodiac signs, male and female Capricorns have different and distinctive tastes. Male Capricorns enjoy the element of surprise and spontaneity; female Capricorns dislike it. However, they both get sexually aroused very quickly.

Capricorns have the ability to go all night long – if you’re up to it. Their love nest would have to be somewhat elegant and have a comfortable ambiance. They are not the wildest or craziest lovers but they are intense, which somewhat compensates for their limited skills. The skills they do have are refined and perfected, so it will be a gratifying experience. They will not take the initiative in the bedroom, but are open to suggestions. Once they feel comfortable with their partner, their self-confidence will override their lack of initiation. The thought of being in love is intoxicating for a Capricorn, so one night stands are unlikely here – establishing a relationship is more important.

Male Capricorn – is persistent and will not take no for an answer. He has an undeserved reputation for being somewhat selfish because he tends to focus on his own sexual needs rather than his partners need for gratification. This is not completely true - he is actually an intense passionate lover who will remain faithful to you so long as you remain loyal to him.

Don’t even think about teasing him or playing mind games; he would much rather just cut to the chase and not waste time. Not one to show off his partner, he’s much more inclined to enjoy you within the confines of his abode.

He has an instinctive sixth sense for knowing what you like and appealing to your sexual needs – no need to remind him. When it comes to himself though, he will not divulge his feelings. Therefore it is left up to you to figure out what works for him and what doesn’t.

Female Capricorn – She will not commit to you unless you can assure her you are serious and not just playing games. Once she feels reassured and all her needs are satisfied, she will be devoted to you. When a female Capricorn feels comfortable with her partner you can expect her to take control in the bedroom, which could lead to some surprisingly aggressive behaviour.

She is not much for foreplay because she can get “hot” rather quickly. She may not be spontaneous or imaginative, but she is well versed at what she knows – you definitely won’t be disappointed. And like the typical Capricorn, she likes sex over and over so be prepared.

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Favourite Catchphrase:

"Let’s go again!"

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