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Turning on a Cancer – The sensual touch or massage of her breast or his chest will definitely peak their sexual desires. Lick, nibble or suck away; it all works. To have a fulfilling sexual experience with a Cancerian they must trust you and feel safe around you because they are quite inhibited and insecure. Once this is achieved, they are much more sexually responsive and expressive.

Prolonged foreplay and sharing romantic intimate thought goes a long way in arousing a Cancerian – sucking or nibbling on their nipples will help to.
Cancer – Can be considered to be somewhat needy and sensitive, as a result you must be willing to share your feelings and be willing to listen. If they don’t feel you are a caring and giving person, you will definitely not get to first base. Cancerian’s are very conservative individuals that will keep things simple and straightforward in the bedroom. While making love, they will try and appeal to all your senses.

If they do venture outside of their comfort zone, it will be solely through your efforts because they will not make the first move. It does take some effort to seduce a Cancerian, but once achieved, they will remain loyal, committed to the relationship and be more sexually expressive.

Their fantasies are very romantic and usually involve water – Cancer is a water sign, after all. Don’t expect them to openly divulge their fantasies to you until they feel very comfortable in the relationship.

When making love to a Cancerian, it is imperative you are gentle, take your time and give just as much as you receive. You must remember they are very sensitive beings and any rejection of their advances or feelings will be detrimental to the relationship.

Male Cancer – Not unlike female Cancerian’s, they will venture back into their shell if you are overly aggressive or come on too strong. However, there are some who are the complete opposites – if they trust you. They may initially seem shy but would like nothing more than to rip your clothes off and get down.

He is a sensual lover that is able to recall anything that ever turned you on or off. He enjoys a night of romance, cuddling and light massages and caressing. Oral stimulation is usually a safe bet. Count on him to put your needs before his and to do whatever it takes to ensure your happiness – no matter how kinky. This attentiveness, combined with his natural ability to be sensitive, empathetic and a great listener means he attracts beautiful, intelligent women. He wouldn’t have it any other way!

Female Cancer – is known to be one of the most desirable sexual partners of the zodiac. She has an undying devotion and is always eager to please her partner. A Cancerian female must trust you before she is able to let go of any sexual inhibitions she may have. You should avoid criticizing her because she is very emotional and will simply just walk out of your life.

She will rarely make the first move, and doesn’t respond well to overly aggressive pursuits. Because she gives so much of herself to her partner, she is susceptible to becoming very emotional after a night of passion. Don’t immediately turn on your TV or go to sleep after a romantic interlude - give her a shoulder to lie on, confide in her, listen to her. You won’t regret it.

Lastly, whatever you do don’t reject her cooking because it’s akin to rejecting her love. So if you like your woman to be incredibly sensual, sweet, feminine and takes care of the house; look no further. Keep in mind though they may become clingy and possessive at times.

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