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Turning on an Aries – A head massage is always a sure way to arouse an Aries. Run your fingers through their hair or passionately hold and pull their hair. Lick or nibble on their neck or blow in their ear and you are guaranteed to sexually stimulate them.
Aries – Are sexually aggressive and impulsive. They are all about wanting to dominate in the bedroom and yes, they do prefer to be on top. Hard, fast and rough is just what an Aries ordered. They are passionate lovers who are direct and straightforward in their quest for love. Aries lovers tend to get bored with the “same old, same old” in the bedroom. As their sign “the goat” dictates, they would not hesitate looking for greener pastures.

For them, the sexual conquest is great, but the real thrill is in the chase and the subsequent adventure resulting from it. With an assertive partner (one that consensually puts up a fight), the real thrill will be that much more exciting.

Male Aries – If you’re thinking about wining and dining an Aries male or going for a long romantic walk, think again. He’s about taking care of business fast and hard – no need for foreplay here. Just give him the main course and expect a little pain and roughness on the side.

Playing hard to get or teasing a male Aries can be a gamble because too much of one or the other is a turn off, resulting in him getting bored and pursuing other objects of his desire. Conversely, just the right amount of teasing will arouse and stimulate his sexual desire. Keep in mind though, while the Aries male is always up for new challenges and adventures, he must be in charge and have control. If you tease him with sexual suggestions and innuendos, you better be prepared to follow through with them.

Jealousy comes naturally with the Aries man and he needs to know you are fully committed to him.

Female Aries – The typical Aries woman is considered to be gorgeous, sensual and passionate, which is why they are able to seduce most any man they want. Flattery goes a long way when trying to bed an Aries, but don’t be surprised if you’re not the only one sleeping with her – she’s known to play the field. If you’re looking for commitment, make sure you’re strong enough to accept her seductive, flirty nature. Once she realizes you are accepting of this, the Aries woman will believe you are worthy enough of a long term relationship.

Her impulsive and spontaneous nature can mean some wild times in the bedroom – and yes, she may leave marks. The kinky side of the Aries woman will become quite apparent in the bedroom, so be prepared for a sexual escapade.

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Favourite Catchphrase:

"C'mon, let's do it again!"

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