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Turning on an Aquarius – It is said that an Aquarian can be easily seduced simply by appealing to their minds first and foremost. Pornography will stimulate their minds, and help them open up so you are free to explore their bodies. Keep in mind they can be sexually aroused by the touch or lick of their ankles and calves, which are considered to be their erogenous zone. Any unorthodox or out of the ordinary behaviour in a sexual encounter will also get them horny.
Aquarius – Unlike many of the other zodiac signs, Aquarian’s do not have the passion or intensity when it comes to making love, which is why they enjoy “quickies”. This is due to the fact they do not consider it to be a necessity in maintaining a lasting relationship.

The fact that they understand and can relate to sexual matters is quite remarkable when considering they are not likely to use this knowledge for any practical purposes. Their desire for sex is simply not overwhelming enough, but they still crave the knowledge gained from experimenting sexually.

Aquarians prefer to keep their personal life to themselves, thereby avoiding any drama. They enjoy their space and respect yours. For that reason you’ll never have an Aquarian call or text you 10 times in a day.

Male Aquarius - It is imperative that you establish a mental connection before a physical one can possibly occur. He will be faithful to you as long as you are faithful to him.

As with his female Aquarian counterpart, foreplay is also a necessity because he may find it difficult to rise to attention without it. Sexually speaking, he is not a lover in the traditional sense and does not follow the norm. Therefore, you can expect some unorthodox and kinky methods in the bedroom.

Female Aquarius – Her love is blind and borderless, and she is comfortable with partners from different backgrounds or cultures. She needs a partner who will understand her and treat her like the woman she is and in return she will rock their world. She does not enjoy being rushed or treated like a one night stand - doing so will only turn her off and guarantee no action for you.

She is fond of anything beautiful, especially your body. A physically fit man is quite the turn on for her. However, foreplay is a necessity for her because she is slow to get in the mood. You must remember though, a little flattery will go a long way with her. Once you get her in the mood, she’ll be all yours. Get her really horny and she’ll be yours to explore and discover – she will do anything once, to satisfy her partner.

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Favourite Catchphrase:

"That was mentally stimulating and fun – let’s make some notes."

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